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We manufacture aluminum rodent wheels with different brackets which contains our product range but also according to your wishes,

Please keep in mind that they are custom-made and may change dimensions, weight and colors.

The rodent wheels are available from stock, order, payment in advance.

The Vesandkosten are indicated on the homepage.

We guarantee 2 years warranty on the

The mechanics of the rodent wheel, caused by, damage to the animals and incorrect handling a guarantee is excluded.

The pictures and photos are similar. (Symbol photos).


I. Introductory provisions


The General Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as GTC) of the Seller describe the ordinary business cooperation between the Seller

Iva Jornitz
Ralf-Detlev Jornitz (further short N-wheel)

Company headquarters, postal and billing address:

Krásný Les 341 CZ 403 37 Petrovice

IdNr .: 047 27 401 VAT no .: CZ5405294543

and the buyer and apply to all contractual relationships of the seller. Any written agreement between the parties may stipulate a different regulation of some provisions.


In the case of a contradiction between these terms and conditions and the purchase contract, the provisions of the purchase contract are preferred.


If the buyer fails to send the shipping instructions to the seller within a time limit that allows delivery of goods by the agreed date, the seller may send the goods to the buyer's known address or, as the case may be, a breach of the contract Rescind the purchase contract.

II. Purchase price and terms of payment


The price agreement is an essential requirement without which the purchase contract is invalid. Unless otherwise agreed in the purchase contract, the prices of the seller are "EXW". Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, it is understood that the purchase price does not include import charges, customs duties and other charges levied in any area other than the seller's country.


The price of goods delivered to another member state of the European Union (called EU for short) than the Czech Republic will be invoiced without Czech VAT, unless the buyer proves his registration as a taxpayer in one of the member states of the EU. If the buyer does not do so, then he must take note that the price will be increased by the Czech VAT. If the purchaser is registered as a taxpayer in another EU country other than the country of destination of the delivery of the goods, the purchaser undertakes to declare the goods in the country of destination for VAT taxation.


Until the purchase price has been fully credited to the seller's account, the purchase price is deemed to have been paid incompletely. Without agreement with the seller, the buyer may not stubbornly pay the purchase price or part of the purchase price in the amount of damage discovered or under any other title, including defect claim.


The buyer shall pay the seller the purchase price in full to the seller's account, that is, the buyer bears all the bank charges associated with the transfer of the payment to the seller's account in the country of the buyer.


Default of payment for the agreed down payment, purchase price or partial payment always means a material breach of the contract by the buyer and the seller in such case has the right to either insist on fulfilling the buyer's obligation or the contract rescind the right of the seller for damages remains unaffected. The same applies in case of insolvency of the buyer or in case of a significant deterioration of the conditions which influence the transfer of the payment from the country of the buyer.


The parties agreed that in case of late payment of the purchase price or a part thereof, the buyer shall pay the seller a contractual penalty amounting to 0,2% of the debt for each day of default, thus the seller's right to claim damages in excess of the contractual penalty remains untouched. If the buyer defaults on the payment of the purchase price, the seller is entitled to reject or suspend the next deliveries of goods to the buyer, even if a fixed delivery period has been agreed.


The buyer acquires ownership of the goods only through full payment of the purchase price and all requirements. The buyer is obliged to take all necessary measures to protect the rights of the seller under this article from third parties. The property risk is transferred to the buyer with the fulfillment of the goods delivery obligation on the part of the seller.

III. Shipping and takeover of the goods


If the Buyer, although requested to do so, does not accept the Goods at the time and place specified in the Purchase Agreement, the Seller may at its sole discretion either insist on the fulfillment of the terms of the Purchase Agreement or rescind the Purchase Agreement or sell the goods to another customer and claim any damages. If the merchandise readiness for shipment is notified to the buyer or the goods are delivered to the buyer and the buyer declines to dispose of the goods, the seller is entitled, at its discretion, to either dispose of the goods at the risk, risk and expense of the buyer in their own warehouses or in a public Store or at the third party or the goods for the account of the buyer (on the condition that the buyer has already paid the purchase price) for sale.


If the seller does not send the goods in the period specified in the purchase contract, he must notify the buyer of this fact. The buyer grants the seller a reasonable period to fulfill the delivery of the goods. Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser is entitled to fulfill his obligation by means of partial deliveries.


If the goods are delivered to a country outside the EU and the seller does not ensure the carriage of the goods, the buyer undertakes to prove the date when the goods crossed the EU's external border.


All terms and conditions of this contract of sale are to be construed in accordance with INCOTERMS 2018.

IV. Complaints


The seller warrants that the goods delivered by him will meet the parameters declared in his terms of delivery for the respective type of assortment or in the delivery note. He can provide the terms of delivery for the relevant assortment type to the buyer upon request.


If the buyer finds obvious defects in the delivered goods, he must notify the seller of this fact in writing without delay, but not later than 14 calendar days after delivery of the goods to the buyer. In case of default, the rights of the buyer regarding the defects of the goods are completely ineffective.


A notification of any other (hidden) defects in the delivered goods, the buyer must give the seller immediately after their discovery in writing, but no later than the end of the warranty period, 24 months after delivery of the goods to the buyer; it applies that in the event of default, the rights of the buyer with regard to defects in the goods are completely ineffective. Only for this time, the seller provides a quality guarantee.


If the goods meet the tolerance values stated in the delivery conditions, they will not be considered defective. The claim for defects must be made by e-mail or in the form of a registered letter and must be evidenced by obvious evidence, ie samples of defective goods, a detailed description of the defects complained about and a description of the way in which the complaints were lodged, including notification of the complaint claim. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer will send the sample of rejected goods to the seller and the claim will be settled at the seller's place of business. At the request of the seller, the buyer must also organize a possible negotiation at the relevant place, eg at the storage location of the rejected goods. The Buyer is not authorized to perform any repairs without prior written consent of the Seller prior to completing the Complaint Procedure.


If the claim is found to be justified, the seller will, at its discretion, repair the goods within a reasonable period of time at its place of business or at the buyer, or replace the defective goods with a new defect-free delivery or grant the buyer a reasonable reduction in the price of the goods. The complaint is deemed to be unjustified if the goods complained of have defects caused by the buyer or a third party.


If the claim is not terminated within a reasonable period of grace in one of the above-mentioned ways, the buyer may be allowed to withdraw from the purchase contract to the extent of the defective performance. However, if the buyer has previously demanded a discount, he is not entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract.

V. Right of decision


Czech law shall apply to the purchase contract and the relations relating to the purchase contract, in particular provisions pursuant to § 2079 et seq. Of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.


If the buyer is a person who does not have his seat or place of business in the Czech Republic. Both contracting parties undertake to fulfill all obligations imposed on them in the award in the time limits specified therein.


Parties to this Agreement by prorogation in accordance with provisions under Section 89a of the Code of Civil Procedure the locally competent court according to the place of business of the seller.

VI. final provisions


For purchases in the e-shop of the seller, the General Terms and Conditions, which are located on the website of the e-shop (


The current wording of the Terms and Conditions is available at the Seller's place of business and can be found on the website


The seller reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. The new current text will be effective from the moment of publication on the seller's website.


These terms and conditions come into effect on 25.05.2018 and effectiveness.